We help founders launch new ventures that matter.

Working with early stage founders, and leading technology partners, to build great products and services.

About Us

We’re Myplanet Ventures, a division of Myplanet. We invest in early stage founders to help them build new businesses, and help technology partners build concepts that help drive customer demand.

What We Do

Venture Design - Working closely with founders of early stage ventures, helping them realize their vision and bring their product to market

Reference Design - Collaborating with the world’s most influential tech partners, building concepts that generate customer impact

Our Focus


Using the power of Machine Learning to augment human capabilities through data

Immersive Experiences @Work

Augmented, Mixed and/or Virtual Reality solutions that help improve the fidelity of human-computer interactions

Conversational Service Design

Radically simplifying human-computer interaction by introducing voice-first ambient solutions where they matter most

Conversational Control Layer

Helping people interact with and control internet connected devices through voice-first ambient solutions

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