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Local Guided Tour through your Glasses

Reference Design

Reimagine authentic travel experiences with smart AR glasses from Focals by North, powered by Amazon Alexa.

Exploring potential consumer use cases best suited for AR technologies, we partnered with North to rethink how smart AR glasses could enhance travel experiences. Sticking to their core belief that “technology should be there when you need it and gone when you don't,” we created a concept that meets their prime objective: allowing you to access what you want, without disrupting what you’re doing.

A guided tour at your own pace

Travellers often venture to destinations they’ve never visited before, but they dislike the lengthy research and comparison process required to make the most of their trip. Guided tours offer one solution, but frequently leave visitors feeling like cattle being herded unceremoniously from one stop to the next. Clear offers virtual guided tour packages curated and rated by locals which allow you to follow, pause, resume, or even change course at your own pace, through location-aware content on Focals glasses.

Local review for a coffee shop, show in augmented reality overlay
Offering help at the right moment

Research suggests 10% of adults — as many as five million people — don't travel abroad due to language barriers. That number is even higher among people aged 18-24, where 15% feel discouraged due to a lack of knowledge about the local language. Clear is designed to solve this challenge by offering translations of commonly used phrases and sentences in specific contexts, to minimize the fear and embarrassment felt when attempting to navigate across linguistic divides.

Translation of 'coffee' in French shown in augmented reality overlay
Social travel made easy

Social travel is a trend on the rise as people around the world seek to engage with new cultures and meet new people. Reports show that 35% of millennials choose a hostel based primarily on the opportunity to meet other travellers. Clear helps connect travellers, empowering them to meet new friends on their trips and to create a travel community around like-minded explorers, all through the simplicity of their smart glasses.

Social profile shown in augmented reality overlay

We believe the best technology is there when you need it, is invisible when you don't, and can be part of your every day life. Focals smart glasses are ideally suited for this kind of intelligent Guided Tour scenario.

Walter Hermsen - VP Product, North

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