Reference Design

Consumer Financial Services, in Google Assistant

Reference Design

Rethinking financial services for consumers who don’t want bank accounts, in Google Assistant.

Leveraging our experience crafting voice-first interfaces and financial services for young adults, to take a consumer-first approach to building services for people who don’t want bank accounts, in a flexible platform like Actions on Google.

Basic Banking, Made Simple

People are busy living their lives, and prefer to not have their smartphones full of apps that only serve a single purpose. The vision behind the Hello Unbanking concept is to make it really easy for someone to complete basic banking transactions, by speaking/tapping/typing on their phone, through a personal assistant app they already use every day.

Sample mobile device screenshots showing our mobile unbanking concept
Rethinking Banking for Consumers

People who don’t have bank accounts, don’t use mobile banking apps. Instead, their expectations of great mobile user experiences are based on mainstream consumer apps they use today. This “new” user profile presents an exciting opportunity to reset expectations for mobile banking for consumers, forcing a recalibration of the user experience towards a consumer-first approach.

Improving Financial Inclusion with AI

People who prefer to not use ‘traditional’ banking services can face higher charges from alternative financial service providers, and may find it harder to build the credit needed to withstand unforeseen expenses like a flat tire or emergency medical expense. The Hello Unbanking concept demonstrates an approach that could use the latest in machine learning to identify unique indicators for the likelihood of loan repayment, which can be tested using loans as small as $25, to build credit for millions of people who don’t currently have a path to financial inclusion.

Financial inclusion, through technology, would do for women in business what the curtain has done for women in inclusion unleashes the potential of women to be in control of their lives.

Kristalina Georgieva - CEO, World Bank

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