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Making Digital Health more Personal

Reference Design

Massively simplifying access to digital health data for older adults & caregivers.

Myplanet partnered with a leading Digital Healthcare provider to massively simplify access to digital health data for older adults & caregivers, using mainstream consumer wearables.

The Challenge

Now it’s more important than ever to care for the health and well-being of our families. From tracking our own fitness, to optimizing our children’s screen time, to caring for older adult parents, we have the opportunity to make technology more personal.

Myplanet, in collaboration with a digital healthcare provider, took on the challenge of inspiring older adults to engage in their own health, while respecting their privacy, using mainstream consumer wearables that people already love.

We've talked about getting her a medical alert device. She did say that she would only wear it if it's a watch, and she does care about the look.

Interviewee, Caregiver


With this app for Apple Watch, you’re always aware of the health data that matters most. From your Heart Rate to Fall Detection, this app turns your Apple Watch into your ultimate health companion. Giving you the peace of mind to remain as active and independent as possible.

Sample customer insights

When paired with the Apple Watch, this companion app makes it easier for older adults to see and understand their health data in a single view. Older adults can also decide to share the app, and access to the health data gathered from the Apple Watch, with their loved ones and care teams.


Taking advantage of Apple's new Widgets feature available for iPhone, you can always access your important health data quickly and easily on your home screen.

“We, all of us, need simple and easy ways to monitor our health, and the health of the people we love. This work proves that it’s very possible to craft wearable solutions that could lead to better digital health outcomes for older adults, without sacrificing ease of use, desirability, privacy, or security.”

Greg Fields - Managing Director, Myplanet Ventures

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